21 November 2016
21 November 2016,

Submissions have recently been made to the NZ Productivity Commission draft report: new models of tertiary education. One submission, from the Flexible learning Association of New Zealand (FLANZ), floated the idea that authentic learner pathways could be used to drive the system’s activity.

I particularly like this approach as it puts the learner and learning at the heart of the system,

“While the Draft Report acknowledges and supports placing learners at the centre of the System and goes on to support changes to Systems settings that enable learner mobility and TEO innovation, the Draft Report does not recognise the opportunity authentic learner pathways represents or identify learner’s educational desires as the key driver for System activity, be it traditional or alternative approaches.” (FLANZ submission)

There are many great recommendations in the draft report. But, if we do not identify the learner and learning as the key driver for a successful system there will always be a long tail of dissatisfaction.

Well done FLANZ for taking a learner and learning-centric position – and adding authenticity and flexibility to the system as a result. Productivity Commission; read this submission with an open mind (as the tenor of your report suggest you have) and consider where you want the key drivers to come from.

The FLANZ submission can be read here.

The Productivity Commission Draft Report can be found  here.

DEFINITION: Authentic Learner Pathways

An agreed course of study that the learner has controlling authority over and is meaningful in the context of that learner’s situation.