21 November 2016

Authentic Learner Pathways

21 November 2016,

Submissions have recently been made to the NZ Productivity Commission draft report: new models of tertiary education. One submission, from the Flexible learning Association […]

21 September 2016

Soil, Food and Society: a free science learning resource

21 September 2016,

A new, free science resource for young learners is now available online. Soil, Food and Society explores where our food comes from. It offers […]

18 August 2016

21st Century Learning and Teaching Practice – White Paper

18 August 2016,

The vocational training sector is under increasing pressure to make changes to the way learning and teaching is conducted in response to technology advances. Globally, education […]

31 July 2016

21st Century Learning: Themes of Submissions to the Productivity Commission

31 July 2016,

The New Zealand Productivity Commission inquiry into 21st century learning futures has provided some interesting insights into provider’s positions on digital learning technologies. Two […]

22 December 2015

A chance for education leaders to shine

22 December 2015,

Leadership is needed for technology supported learning. This is a central message in the United States 2016 National Education Technology Plan. The same message rings true in […]