14 June 2014

MOOCs: a Catalyst for Disruption

14 June 2014,

MOOCs have played a key role in changing society’s view of what a ‘good’ education is and the insistence of employers to employ based […]

7 April 2014

Assessment is a Teaching and Learning Tool

7 April 2014,

Assessment is one of the most important teaching and learning tools available to educators. But too often I see assessment being used as a […]

18 February 2014

Digital Distance Learners Poorly Served

18 February 2014,

In New Zealand digital distance learners have the lowest completion rates. The latest interpretation of extramural learner data, released by the Ministry of Education, […]

6 January 2014

A Framework for Learning: Coursebooks

6 January 2014,

What are learners looking for? Put simply, support and guidance, and a trusted source of information. It sounds simple but it is not. The […]

4 November 2013

Assessment Brokers: Get Marked by the World’s Best

4 November 2013,

“It seems I know more than my tutor. Why can’t they just tell me what the assignments are and I will deliver the lot […]