12 June 2013

Keep the Learner in Focus: Mobile Learning Strategies

12 June 2013,

Organisations are under pressure to make their information available in mobile friendly formats. For educators and trainers this poses a particular problem. They must […]

20 May 2013

Rethinking the Definition of Mobile Learning

20 May 2013,

From a learner perspective being online can be a barrier. For the learner it is better to have rich, engaging resources at their fingertips, […]

9 May 2013

Trade Training Using Smart Tablet Resources

9 May 2013,

As a trade trainer providing support to workplace learners I have been dismayed to find apprentices switching off to training between their block courses, […]

23 April 2013

EBooks for Education: the Learning Narrative

23 April 2013,

As a learner I found myself wondering why e-study material was not packaged better. I am not talking textbooks, but the course material that […]

17 April 2013

M-Learning Resources for Tablets

17 April 2013,

The recent Ministry of Education publication, Organisational Approaches to E-Learning in the Tertiary Sector, recognises the need to understand learners preferences and the ability for […]