Get the confidence that you are teaching the right material in the right way. Time saving, user friendly, and cost effective.

Too often good ideas don't fly because the concept has been poorly designed and developed and is not based on true understanding of the learners' expectations.

ReGear Learning will work with you to understand your organisation's and customers' learning needs and preferences, and the refine the concepts, processes and learning material that match the expectations of your target audiences. ReGear Learning makes sure that you get maximum return on your investment in mobile learning and the learners really learn by using new digital tools based on leading edge solutions.

Our approach assures that the background research and planning reflects the reality faced by your target groups and your organisation. We will also help with risk management and quality assurance from the start so you can be certain of success. After the concept has been approved ReGear Learning can help you to manage the design the implementation of new systems and production of the learning resources – or we can help you with the selecting the vendors who can provide you the required content production, technologies and deployment.

We are starting to understand that in our modern information-oriented societies with their explosion of knowledge, there is an urgent need for a matching explosion of wisdom to make proper use of that knowledge.

Daisaku Ikeda