ReGear Learning will help you understand how to get the best result from mobile touch based technology.

It is easy to provide your staff or students with mobile devices. More difficult is to get people using them efficiently and effectively towards your goals. ReGear Learning understands how strategic planning engages with the implementation and eventual successful application of mobile technology in your organisation.

For a Business

We know that providing an iPad and iPhone is not enough. The training that supports new technology is vital. With touchscreen mobile devices this training can be done using engaging, relevant material, through the device, anywhere, and as needed by the user. Furthermore, the administrator gets to monitor the progress of each user. Staff that are not engaging or need support can be provided with personal solutions that keep the organization’s training goals on track. These advantages may not be realized if there is no clear strategy for implementation. By working with you to develop a clear strategy, ReGear Learning will help you clarify the process of implementation to achieve your mobilization goals.

For Teaching Institutions

Using digital technology to deliver learning material in a quality assured environment is complicated. The drivers for change exist: student engagement and success, reputation, and lower cost delivery models. Yet the matrix of change (student engagement and success, institutional needs, faculty capability, funding parameters, pedagogy, and institution-specific issues) demands a well developed strategy before engaging with stakeholders and progressing towards implementation. ReGear Learning has expert experience in developing strategies for change in the tertiary education sector. Moving towards implementation will be straight-forward with ReGear Learning in support.