18 April 2013
18 April 2013,


Two recent Massey graduates have formed a company, ReGear Learning Ltd, which aims to provide rich multimedia learning resources for tablets.

“By shifting the focus from the web-page to the hand held device, ReGear solves students’ need for engaging and interactive material that can be used without being connected to a learning website”, says Ralph Springett, Director at ReGear Learning and recent Masters graduate from Massey University.

Jussi Luukkonen, also a Director at ReGear and MBA graduate, agrees. “The ReGear system solves issues of resource production and delivery to the student. Once the student has the resource they use it as their interface with the learning material as well as an access point for online discussion and support.”

ReGear Learning is both a process consultant and production house for digital learning resources made specifically for mobile devices.

Recent research has shown that students are looking for mobile solutions to learning but the tertiary sector is struggling to change at the same rate as students accept the evolving technology.

The recent Ministry of Education publication, Organisational Approaches to E-Learning in the Tertiary Sector, recognises the need to understand learners preferences and the ability for learners to connect their devices, as important factors in student success when e-learning. The MoE report also highlighted the dependence on institutional strategies for successful implementation of e-learning.