2 October 2013

Embedding Work Readiness into Teaching and Learning in Further Education

2 October 2013,

The importance of preparing graduates for work is recognised. By embedding discussion of work outcomes and expectations in teaching delivery key messages can be […]

6 August 2013

The Learning Management System is Dead, Long Live the Learner Management System.

6 August 2013,

I asked the question “Will tablets change the way learners engage with coursework and make Learning Management Systems obsolete?” Academics on the semi-social media […]

12 June 2013

Keep the Learner in Focus: Mobile Learning Strategies

12 June 2013,

Organisations are under pressure to make their information available in mobile friendly formats. For educators and trainers this poses a particular problem. They must […]

11 June 2013

Tech Pedagogies: new forms of teaching, learning, and assessment

11 June 2013,

26 April 2013

Interface Design for Mobile Learning

26 April 2013,