18 August 2016

21st Century Learning and Teaching Practice – White Paper

18 August 2016,

The vocational training sector is under increasing pressure to make changes to the way learning and teaching is conducted in response to technology advances. Globally, education […]

31 July 2016

21st Century Learning: Themes of Submissions to the Productivity Commission

31 July 2016,

The New Zealand Productivity Commission inquiry into 21st century learning futures has provided some interesting insights into provider’s positions on digital learning technologies. Two […]

5 August 2014

5 Benefits of Using Digital Coursebooks Infographic

5 August 2014,

A Coursebook provides the framework learners need to succeed in their study. Coursebooks provide context, clarity and connections to resources. Coursebooks keep learners on […]

17 July 2014

Independent Learning Through the Common Core

17 July 2014,

Independent learning may emerge as the big winner from the introduction of the Common Core. It is empowering for a budding independent learner to […]

14 June 2014

MOOCs: a Catalyst for Disruption

14 June 2014,

MOOCs have played a key role in changing society’s view of what a ‘good’ education is and the insistence of employers to employ based […]