21 September 2016

Soil, Food and Society: a free science learning resource

21 September 2016,

A new, free science resource for young learners is now available online. Soil, Food and Society explores where our food comes from. It offers […]

18 February 2014

Digital Distance Learners Poorly Served

18 February 2014,

In New Zealand digital distance learners have the lowest completion rates. The latest interpretation of extramural learner data, released by the Ministry of Education, […]

6 January 2014

A Framework for Learning: Coursebooks

6 January 2014,

What are learners looking for? Put simply, support and guidance, and a trusted source of information. It sounds simple but it is not. The […]

2 October 2013

Embedding Work Readiness into Teaching and Learning in Further Education

2 October 2013,

The importance of preparing graduates for work is recognised. By embedding discussion of work outcomes and expectations in teaching delivery key messages can be […]

31 August 2013

5 Steps to Re-Gear Teaching and Learning for Today’s Learners

31 August 2013,

5 steps to Re-gear your teaching and learning for today’s learner: Find out what learning material fits best with your learners’ needs <media types, total […]