18 August 2016

21st Century Learning and Teaching Practice – White Paper

18 August 2016,

The vocational training sector is under increasing pressure to make changes to the way learning and teaching is conducted in response to technology advances. Globally, education […]

2 October 2013

Embedding Work Readiness into Teaching and Learning in Further Education

2 October 2013,

The importance of preparing graduates for work is recognised. By embedding discussion of work outcomes and expectations in teaching delivery key messages can be […]

4 July 2013

Training and Induction using Mobile Resources

4 July 2013,

In the frequent dead space between getting the café ready and the flux of first customers, I usually espressed a coffee and read the […]

12 June 2013

Keep the Learner in Focus: Mobile Learning Strategies

12 June 2013,

Organisations are under pressure to make their information available in mobile friendly formats. For educators and trainers this poses a particular problem. They must […]

9 May 2013

Trade Training Using Smart Tablet Resources

9 May 2013,

As a trade trainer providing support to workplace learners I have been dismayed to find apprentices switching off to training between their block courses, […]