A ReGear Coursebook provides the framework learners need to succeed in their study. Coursebooks provide context, clarity and connections to resources. Coursebooks keep learners on track and engaged.

Coursebooks describe the learning goals of the course and the ways in which the learner will be expected to demonstrate their understanding of the course material. Coursebooks summarise the sections of the course and explain the process of assessment.

The Coursebook links learners to their class online learning environment and learning resources, discussion forums, and support networks. It is the gateway to the people and support learners need to succeed in their studies..

Subject content and information is no longer learning gold. Todays learner needs to know what they are expected to achieve, how they must demonstrate their understanding and one-touch connections to support, their peers, and rich and engaging learning resources. They need this on every device they own and for it to be useful even when offline .

Teachers need analytics and reporting tools and an easy to use, low cost solution which they can integrate with their existing learning resources. While learner facing, Coursebooks do not ignore the educator's needs.